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Product & space design

icone chaise, design produit


Design, sketches, 2D renders, drawings, 3D modeling

icone design espaces, plan maison


Moodboards, perspective sketches, layout, 3D modeling

icone pc, edition d'image infographie

3D Infography

Photorealistic rendering, communication medium, virtual reality



Borne gel hydroalcoolique premium

Protect Solutions

Aménagement extérieur


conception d’une tiny house


Accompagnement technique et visuel

Kuman Art
design produit par moho, fabrication séparations en bois

création nouveau showroom 2019

atelier venezzia

Création d’une offre alimentaire

evoluto conception

Design concept-car

rendu 3D infographie, oeuf inox poli miroir

Conception chaudronnerie d’art

Ingénierie & Culture
san marco design stand moho

Création stand salon Artibat 2018

Atelier venezzia


écran pc, plans et moodboards

A Good basis

A project is successful when everybody is on the same page. That’s why we listen closely, pay attention to you, while delivering necessary elements for the projects.

Drawings   |   Sketches   |   Style choices   |   3D Mock-up


Collaborating with you, we search for technical solutions, work on style while taking the final user into account.

Moodboards   |   2D renders   |   Styles and materials research

dessins et croquis, rendus 2D Promarker
écran pc, modélisation 3D d'une voiture avec maillage apparent

3D modeling

Because design isn’t only about style, our engineering background allows us to create products according to your manufacturing needs and costs.

Products   |   Spaces

3d infography

As experts, we create quality visuals to add value to your projects and your communication mediums.

Textures creation   |   Work on lightning   |   Work on environment

écran pc, infographie 3D sur aération d'habitacle
écran pc, post-traitement d'une image de maison


We pay attention to details with our hallmark.

Adding details   |   Photo processing

moho team

sebastien equipe moho
photo evode equipe moho

Sébastien Garnier

Evode Lizé

Moho team is first a story of Sebastien and Evode’s friendship, based on trust and respect. We met during our studies in university, and now it’s an adventure already full of learning and meeting amazing people. Strong values are guiding us : ethics, responsibility and goodwill, we cultivate them in both our lives and in our projects.

From the contraction of Mollison and Holmgren – fathers of permaculture principles – moho is now aiming, far into the future, imagining, creating, making and respecting Nature and People.
Trees planted with ecosia
turnover donated for the planet
nationalities of our clients
”I always thought that my sculptures reflect my personality as much as the people who accompany me in my creations. Moho is one of them because their professionalism and modernity bring magic visuals. They are above all, those who will know how to figure out your wishes in order to highlight them and give all their artistic sense..."
 ”moho proved to be hugely helpful and successful in designing and guiding us through the process of taking our product to market. Their creativity and design/engineering accuracy proved paramount in the projects."
”For our projects, we need a technical approach and an aesthetic vision, even artistic one. With moho at our side, we are always confident to get the little extra that makes the difference in the end, because they are constently searching for solutions that meet their client needs."
Reynald DEHAYS
Atelier A4DR Founder

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